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  Features: 1. Rapid shaving without damaging the fabric to bring a new life to the old fabric and preserve it clean, soft and new.Remove Beling and fluff from clothes, curtains, carpets, furnishings, etc. 2. Always keep it elegant-restore clothes and fabrics to their new appearance, which is ideal for removing thin balls from clothes, even on the sofa.Use the money you provide on these small things mysterious to buy yourself some new clothes and make your life easier. 3- No batteries-unlike the battery-powered electric shaving blades, which are no longer lost because of the razors blades cannot provide continuous energy, this provides a stable and stable lint remover to remove lint and the ball holders. 4. Fast and easy to use-safe and effective to remove lint, pimples, and lounge Style1 Style2..
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        product name: Item type: khostbakvulling shop Articles: Abs Math: 12×29cm (1cm=0.39inch) Made of high quality plastic    ..
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  Material: fiber Size: S, 25x25cm, M., 60x30cm, L, 100x50cm, XL, 140x70cm Color: 1 pc Package including: pet towel feature: 1. The super absorbent can quickly absorb water and dry pets after bathing to prevent them from catching a cold. 2. The towel should be soft and breathable in the hands, making it comfortable for dogs and cats to facilitate acceptance. 3. With exquisite craftsmanship, it is durable and machine washable. 4. Cool enough to be available for all breeds of dogs and cats. 5. It can be used as a beach towel and it is foldable so that it is convenient to carry. 6. After the water is drained, the pet mat or pet blanket can also be used for pets.  ..
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